The Ideal Internet for Streaming Ultra High Definition Video

What is UHD?

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your television within the past few years, you’ve probably come across terms like 1080p, 2160p, UHD, 4K (or even 8K), along with ever-higher pixel counts, and perhaps even terms like nits, and dots. It can all be a bit overwhelming.

UHD means ultra-high definition, and it’s a digital television standard applied to displays that have at least a 16:9 aspect ratio (like your average widescreen computer monitor) and a minimum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Since a UHD television is capable of displaying 4K content, the terms 4K, UHD, and 2160p are often used interchangeably.

UHD: How we got here

UHD is the successor to high definition television (HDTV), which is the current de facto standard video format for most broadcast television, cable television, satellite television, and Blu-ray. HD content is likely the resolution of the TV shows and movies that you watch every day. If you see something listed in resolutions of 1080p or 720p, you’re watching HD content.

UHD content is a huge step up from HD content. A 4K UHD TV that measures 50 inches has four times the number of pixels when compared to a 1080p HDTV of the same size. That means you get significantly more detail on a 4K TV. Those extra pixels – a total of 8.3 million of them, to be exact – can also achieve colors that are brighter and more dynamic than the HD TVs they are replacing. It also outputs deeper shadows, which means the video appears far sharper.

What’s next for Ultra High Definition

While 4K UHD TVs are currently the benchmark for the majority of consumers, 8K TVs are the next evolution of UHD displays. But most consumers don’t need an 8K TV yet for a simple reason – beyond a few niche options, 8K content doesn’t currently exist.

Optimize UHD streaming with Google Fiber

If you’re looking to take full advantage of your 4K UHD television, and future-proof in anticipation of a rise in 8K streaming content, Google Fiber is the best internet for ultra high definition streaming.

  • You can even add live TV to your streaming lineup using a streaming service and a smart TV (or a device such as a Chromecast with Google TV that plugs into your TV).

    Add live TV

  • Google Fiber offers two different plans: choose between 1 and 2 Gig, and give your whole home and everyone in it the speed they need.

    View plans

  • You can check Google Fiber availability in your area, or visit a Google Fiber Space in person to learn about how Google Fiber can upgrade your internet experience.

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