1 Gig

Fast, reliable, and built for everything you do. No data caps. Whole home Wi-Fi included. $70/month.

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This is a different kind of internet.

Get reliability for the internet era.

Fiber optic internet is built to be much more reliable than internet from traditional cable lines. Think: (way) fewer outages, more internet compared to cable’s older technology.

Keep everyone connected.

A house full of people won’t slow anyone down. (And neither will your neighbor logging on.) Use all the devices in your home at the same time without slowdowns, interruptions, or needing to kick anyone off the internet.

Keep everyone and all their devices online with more bandwidth than cable.

Experience Wi-Fi across your whole home.

Wi-Fi shouldn’t be an afterthought. So it’s not. After all, Wi-Fi is essential for your tablets, your security cameras, and all your other wireless devices. With Google Fiber, you’ll get whole home coverage, giving you a steady signal no matter how many devices you’re using. Learn more about our Wi-Fi.

Plus, your router’s included, which may include up to two Google Wifi access points, so there are no extra costs for you. You can even use your own router if you’d like.

You’ll get corner-to-corner Wi-Fi coverage for your whole home included.

No slowdowns.

No data caps or throttling.

No hidden fees.

No installation or equipment fees.2

No lock-ins.

No annual contracts. No, really.

Just really good, really fast internet.

Discover what you can do with 1 Gig.

Get stuff done. Fast.

Your office might be your couch, but that doesn’t mean you’re working any less. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about being the person who’s always “cutting out” of your meeting. We’ve got you covered for all your work from home needs.

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Watch what you love—without the cable box.

When you watch TV over the internet, you can watch pretty much everything. That includes live TV. Making the switch is easy. We’ll show you how.

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Turn your living room into a classroom.

Maybe someone at home is learning to read. Maybe someone else is finishing up their college degree. Or maybe you’re learning graphic design. Gigabit internet lets you do all of these things—without (internet-related) conflicts, slowdowns, or interruptions.

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Win more with less lag.

Whether you’re taking an enemy’s tower or tending to your virtual farm, you deserve the kind of internet that won’t cut out in the middle. And when you’re directly connected, you can experience nearly zero lag and 0% packet loss. This kind of internet was practically made for gaming.

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