We’re building
a culture of belonging

We’re working toward a more equitable environment — not only in the communities we serve, but across every aspect of our company.

Our people

From our skilled technicians, knowledgeable sales professionals, innovative engineers and many valuable colleagues, we leverage the diverse skills and abilities of a workforce committed to delivering the best experience for our customers.

Our culture

We strive to create a culture driven by values focused on the continuous improvement of our workforce. Our goal is for our employees, customers and partners to experience a culture of community, belonging and support.

Our cities

Working in partnership with diverse local suppliers, sponsoring a variety of community programs, and delivering quality internet services through the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program are just some of the commitments we continue to make for our markets.

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What DEIB means to our leaders

Dinni Jain


“I’ve never in my career been at a place where I’ve felt such a sense of belonging. I want that feeling for everyone at GFiber. I also recognize, from my own personal experience, the energy and productivity that is unlocked when people know they’re in the right place. Our goals, as humans and as a business, require us to get this right.”

Melani Griffith

VP of Customer Engagement

“We're creating something special at GFiber —innovative products and services like no other for our customers. And that starts with our employees bringing their best selves to work. You can't be your best self unless you are in an environment rooted in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is essential to ensuring our employees feel comfortable to bring their best selves to work — so we're working every day to create that, too.”

Rocco Laurenzano

VP of Operations

“We want our people to be at their best, both personally and professionally, which means our team members need to feel they can bring the best of themselves everyday. That requires us to create an environment of belonging and fairness.”

Creating community together

GFiber’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG) provide awareness around identity, leadership development opportunities for our employees, and a sense of community for their members and allies.

Together, they are working to empower every employee with community support, practical resources, and equitable opportunities.

Meet our ERGs

AGN @GFiber is dedicated to supporting our diverse and multicultural Asian community.
Allyship @GFiber is dedicated to supporting individuals on their personal pathways to allyship, and equipping them with skills to take action in the advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
Black @GFiber is an employee resource group for our members and allies of the African diaspora. Our mission is to provide a supportive community for all Black employees and allies through professional/leadership development opportunities, recruitment, and community engagement.
Disability Alliance @GFiber exists to create a sense of community and a platform to improve accessibility and representation within our products, services, branding and workplace environment. We are passionate about creating innovative and inclusive teams, products, education, and workplaces.
FiberVets are supportive advocates for those who are within the military, veteran communities as well as allies. By bringing together our unique talents, training, and espirit de corps, we strive to better serve our members, community, and customers.
Gente @GFiber strives to create a supportive environment for the growth of our gente through ongoing dialogue, proactive education, and intersectional partnerships, while helping to identify resources to help support broader Latinx initiatives across the U.S.
Pride @GFiber exists to foster a joyful and welcoming community where our LGBTQ+ members and allies actively celebrate, encourage, and support each other and our fellow ERG colleagues.
Women @GFiber supports the success of women through inclusive programming, professional growth opportunities and community building. Women @GFiber discusses women's needs and priorities, highlights the need for women in leadership and drives importance around equity, inclusion and diversity.

Meet the Team

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, each word focuses on an important concept. When each of these concepts are activated throughout our workplace, we have a stronger, more agile organization. The strategic focus of DEIB positions GFiber for more consistent growth and competitive advantage. Our goal is for each team member to own how they appreciate diversity, activate inclusion, encourage equitable practices and build an environment of belonging.
Terri Moore
Head of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, GFiber
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging means creating a culture where we acknowledge each other’s humanity, celebrate our strengths, and intentionally create an environment where everyone can reach their fullest ability. To create a world where we can all belong, it requires each of us to show up daily and work together.
Anna Lee
Equity Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager

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