Fast, reliable internet
for online learning.

Upgrade your virtual classroom with plans up to 8 Gig.

Enough bandwidth for everyone in your home – and Wi-Fi that can handle it all.

Teach and learn virtually with GFiber.

Whether you’re teaching remotely, researching from your living room, or sending your homework to the cloud, distance learning is easier when you don’t have to worry about slowdowns, interruptions or having to kick someone off the internet.

Learn without data limits.

You can set up parental controls to keep your kids safe while they’re learning from home.

But keeping up good habits online is good practice for your whole family, school days or weekends. Family Link has a variety of resources, including screen time limits, activity monitoring applications, and tools that can help you and your family stay on task while online.

More upload speed means more bandwidth.

Your internet makes a difference for online learning, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got fast downloads and uploads. Some “fast” internet plans have fast downloads – but slower uploads. To help give everyone the bandwidth they need, make sure you look at both speeds when picking a plan.

Upload speed is critical to letting your learner get that large file in on time or give a video presentation to the class without freezing or dropping out. You can check your download and upload speeds with a speed test.

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