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20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7

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We’re very excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind experience to select customers with symmetrical speeds up to 20 gigabits and custom GFiber Wi-Fi 7 equipment.

Defining what’s next for internet

We’re bringing together efforts from across the company to accelerate speeds to and in the home, redefine customer service and expand access to bring multi-gig speeds to all.

Speed to the home
and in the home

We want to find out just how fast internet can go. To the home. And in the home. We’re asking questions like, how much can we push past 20 Gig? How do we get to 50 Gig, 100 Gig and beyond? And what can we do to better our in-home experience, using advanced Wi-Fi technologies like Wi-Fi 7 and 8 to live up to the promise of multi-gig speeds wirelessly?

A network ready for any future

Our customers need a resilient network that delivers on the promise of unparalleled reliability and is ready for emerging technologies. So we’re chasing answers to questions like: Can a network anticipate and prevent problems? And how can we develop advanced network services to support increasingly immersive content?

Digital-forward customer support

To provide on-demand customer service, in real time, at scale, we’re exploring if we can intuit and anticipate customer needs before they arise. And how we can incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve — and even prevent — potential issues.

Expanding access for all communities

We want to bring internet to more people, in more places, more efficiently. So we’re exploring the question: Can new technologies like photonics and millimeter wave wireless allow us to deliver Gigabit+ speeds even faster?