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GFiber Facts

GFiber is an Alphabet company that brings Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass internet services to homes and businesses across the United States.

Our mission is to deliver fast, reliable, fairly-priced and open internet service — using the best technologies, methods and people to accomplish that.

Enabling symmetrical speeds — up to 8 gigs — with more on the way.

When GFiber set out to change the internet back in 2012, we were tired of settling for slow internet that didn’t keep up with the changing technological world. We built fiber networks and offered customers some of the first residential gigabit speeds with our 1 Gig product at $70. In 2019, we launched a 2 Gig product. Today, we continue to push the multi-gigabit speeds with our 5 and 8 Gig products and are even testing a 20 Gig product.

1 Gig

Our original internet, best for fundamental needs and smaller homes. Same price since 2012.


2 Gig

Internet for high-speed activities like gaming and streaming.


5 Gig

Internet with seamless connection for families who work and learn from home.


8 Gig

Internet for content creators, serious gamers and tech professionals.

*Our 5 and 8 Gig plans are not available in all locations. Please check your address above to see available speeds and plans for your area.
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We’re growing

GFiber is bringing fast, reliable internet to more and more new cities this year. And for the cities we're already in, we're adding tens of thousands of new addresses.
GFiber coming soon. Stay in touch with us for more details.

What makes Google Fiber different?

We believe in being a different kind of Internet Service Provider. That means no finicky fine print, bad service, data caps or annual contracts. Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We don’t charge for installation, activation or equipment. Our 1 Gig plan at $70 is the same price it was in 2012.
“Fastest internet provider in the country”

Highspeedinternet.com named Google Fiber 2022’s “fastest internet provider in the country.”

Names 2022’s Fastest ISP by HighSpeedInternet.com2

CNET says GFiber is "the best value you'll find from any major ISP" and "there's arguably no better gig or 2-gig provider.

-CNET June 20233

Focusing on our customers

  • We offer 10-minute installation appointment windows so there’s no waiting around for hours.4

  • On average, customer service phone calls are answered by a live rep within 7 seconds.4

  • 94% of customers give our customer service 5-star ratings while 98% of our in-home service visits are rated 5 stars.5

  • We continuously invest in technology that helps our Call Center resolve issues even more quickly and aim to avoid the inconvenience of an in-home visit.

Community support

We make investments that positively impact the communities we serve, including supporting digital inclusion and digital literacy initiatives.
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We employ dedicated teams in each metro area we’re a part of, and are committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in our workforce and communities.

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We partner with local organizations in each of our markets to work on the critical issue of digital equity, providing internet at no cost through both our Community Connection (for non-profits and community organizations) and Gigabit Communities (for public housing communities) programs.

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Google Fiber is a participant in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program to help families connect to the internet at a more affordable price.