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Hey, West Des Moines! While we work with your city to bring fast, reliable gigabit internet your way, you can sign up to get email updates on our progress. And make sure to enroll your property with the city to bring the new conduit network right to your home.

By the way, we’re Google Fiber.

Hard-to-match speed.

That would be gigabit uploads and downloads.

Always on.

With (way) fewer outages than cable internet, you’ll get reliable internet you can count on.

Everyone’s connected.

Let everyone use all their devices at the same time.

No data caps.

Your data should be unlimited. So it is.

No hidden fees.

Just a straightforward price: $70/month.1

No lock-ins.

No annual contracts. No, really.

Conduit and construction


What is the conduit network that WDM is building, and how is it different from the work Google Fiber will be doing?

“The City of West Des Moines is building a conduit network (a system of underground pipes that protect fiber cables and wiring). This conduit will be used by internet providers, including Google Fiber, to make high-speed internet available for residents and businesses to purchase in West Des Moines. Internet providers who license space in the conduit network will be able to use the conduit to install their own fiber and offer West Des Moines homes and businesses better, faster, and more reliable internet.” — The City of West Des Moines

For Google Fiber, this means that after the city completes the construction of the conduit network (think “network of pipes”), we'll then be out in the streets pulling our new glass fiber lines through the conduit to the homes and businesses in your area that are on the network. Once this is complete, residents and businesses will be able to sign up for Google Fiber's service.

What does the construction process look like?

The City of West Des Moines is building its conduit network, which you can learn about and keep up with here. This means they’ll be able to focus on the infrastructure construction, while Google Fiber focuses on providing a great customer experience with access to gigabit internet.

After the city completes the construction of the conduit network (think “network of pipes”), we'll then be out in the streets pulling our new glass fiber lines through the conduit to the homes and businesses in your area that are on the network.

Since we’ll be out and about in your community, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure we work in the least disruptive way possible, working closely with local and state officials, utility and construction companies, and community leaders along the way.

How does Google Fiber bring gigabit internet to my home or business?

In West Des Moines, the city will be responsible for the construction of the conduit network, and Google Fiber will be the first tenant leasing this network. The conduit network will be used to serve residents and businesses across West Des Moines. The network allows us to pull strands of fiber right through the pipe to your home.

Fill out your email and property address to stay updated on the Google Fiber construction process and availability.

What is fiber optic internet?

Fiber-optic internet is made of glass strands, and uses lasers to transmit information at rates close to the speed of light. Fiber optic internet is built to be much more reliable than traditional cable lines. It means fast upload and download speeds, enough internet for multiple devices, and (way) fewer outages than cable.

About Google Fiber


How do I sign up for Google Fiber?

You can be the first to know when your home or business is ready by filling out your email and property address to receive updates.

If you live in a single family home, in order to receive Google Fiber service, your home must be enrolled with the city to be a part of the city's conduit network. The city will install a small conduit pipe to your home and this will allow us to pull a single strand of fiber right through the pipe to your home.

And if you are a manager or owner of a multifamily or commercial property, you can learn more about bringing Google Fiber to your building by completing this form.

When will Google Fiber be available for my neighborhood/home/business?

We understand that no one likes to wait, so our team is working hard to get you connected as soon as we can. While we can’t share a firm timeline, we expect the first West Des Moines customers to be able to get Google Fiber Internet starting in late 2021. We'll send those who’ve joined our list for updates (which you can do here) an email when we're ready to install Fiber in their home.

How does Google Fiber work with the community?

We partner with those who know best, listening to customers and communities to deliver what people need—and do things right. We want to spark healthy competition and inspire the industry to reach its potential, working together to improve internet everywhere and for everyone.

Bringing fast, reliable internet to communities is our passion, but we also love to help in other ways. We partner with local governments, libraries, and nonprofits to support programs that focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics Program) and digital literacy. When we stay connected, we can do more together.

Above all else, we focus on treating our customers, communities, and everyone with respect and challenging the industry to work with us to do better.

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Google Fiber Webpass gives you the fast, reliable internet you’d expect from Google Fiber—all without bundles, contracts, or hidden fees. We’ll take you to Webpass’s website to get started.

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