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Insulation work is taking place on a street for fiber optic cables.

GFiber’s suppliers provide goods and services that are essential to our business and include companies that focus on:

Technical operations
Indirect goods and services
Direct materials and supply chain

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*Registration does not guarantee that a direct relationship will be established between your company and GFiber. It simply allows us to learn a bit about your company and what it offers. Registration is deemed an opt-in to Google Fiber's Internal Supplier Database - creating visibility and opportunity for connection to opportunities.
Fiber cables are being insulated on the road using a Ditch Witch MT16 microtrencher.

Technical Operations

Services to support the design, build, and maintenance of our networks.

  • Outside plant (OSP) construction
  • Outside plant (OSP) engineering
  • MxU (MDU) construction
  • MxU (MDU) engineering
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Drops and in-home installation
  • Fiber hut construction
  • Locating services
  • Structured cabling
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Indirect goods and services

Goods and services that support our operations indirectly.

  • Marketing services (creative, media, research, PR)
  • Enterprise services (HR, consulting, financial, legal)
  • Real estate and facilities
  • Product services (engineering, content and data, customer support, field and sales support)
  • IS/IT and SAAS
A warehouse worker is operating forklifts in a warehouse filled with boxes.

Direct materials and supply chain

Companies that specialize in equipment and material used to connect our customers to the network.

  • Customer premise equipment (such as routers)
  • CPE ancillary devices (such as cables)
  • Packaging solution
  • Printed materials
  • Outside plant materials
  • Last-mile materials (such as service drop cables, drop vaults, and wall boxes)
  • Repair and maintenance materials

Supplier diversity

Learn more about our commitment to supplier diversity.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Cuando me registro, ¿eso significa que soy automáticamente un proveedor de GFiber?

El registro no garantiza que se establecerá una relación directa entre su empresa y GFiber. Simplemente nos permite aprender un poco sobre tu empresa y lo que ofrece. Con el registro eliges participar en la base de datos interna de proveedores de Google Fiber, lo que genera visibilidad y oportunidades para conectarte con oportunidades.

¿Qué pasa si quiero darme de baja?

Los posibles proveedores pueden "optar por no participar" y pedir que se elimine su información de nuestra base de datos en cualquier momento enviando una solicitud por correo electrónico a