20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7

We’re very excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind experience that allows select customers to explore the latest internet frontier with symmetrical speeds up to 20 gigabits. But that’s not all. We’re offering the service with a custom GFiber Wi-Fi 7 router equipped with the latest certified Wi-Fi standard in the market.1

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The 20 Gig launch

See how we broke the 10 gig barrier and launched our symmetrical 20-gig product at the Network X event in Paris, France.

New speeds in the home

Get a sneak peek of how 20 Gig and Wi-Fi 7 are revolutionizing the in-home Wi-Fi experience.

GFiber x Nokia

Speed is everything. That’s why we’ve partnered with Nokia to upgrade our network and push the limits of speed

Where innovation and high standards meet

At GFiber, our mission is to push the industry forward and give customers the best, most technologically advanced internet experience on the market.

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Why is GFiber Labs doing this?

Next generation internet will require pushing the boundaries of the entire internet ecosystem. We’re thrilled to be working with companies like Nokia to move our industry forward. Projects like this are the beginning of this process.

What does 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 include?

20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 will use Nokia’s 25G PON technology and custom Wi-Fi 7 router — the latest certified Wi-Fi standard in the market today.

With GFiber Labs, we’re working to get the newest technologies into customers’ homes even more quickly. This offering will also come with the other features you get from GFiber service — including at no extra cost: installation, specialized service, no data caps and no annual contracts.

Why would I want 20 Gig internet?

There are many use cases for 20 Gig internet, but we’re most interested in why you might want it. Let us know why you’re interested here

Will there be a cost associated with 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7?

Yes, 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 is available to select customers for $250 per month plus applicable taxes and fees.

When will 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 be available?

20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 is available now to a small group of GFiber customers in select areas.

Where do you plan to roll out 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7?

As a GFiber Labs project, 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 will be available in select areas. More information will be available in the next couple of months.

Who is providing the Wi-Fi 7 router?

We collaborated with Actiontec to design and produce a custom Wi-Fi 7 router. This ensures that our 20 Gig customers can take advantage of as much speed as possible.

Can I use my own router?

Yes! If you have a router with a 25G SFP28 WAN port, you may use it with GFiber Labs 20 Gig.

Will I be able to get 20 Gig on a single client device?

If you want to see 20 Gig on a single device in your home, you will need to use your own router. Our custom Wi-Fi 7 router is designed for a future when there are multiple, multi-gig Wi-Fi devices in the home.

How do people sign up for early access?

If you’re interested in potentially receiving 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 early access, please fill out the form on the GFiber Labs website.

What is GFiber Labs?

GFiber Labs is dedicated to discovering what’s next for the internet. The internet is central to almost every facet of our lives today, and its future is foundational to what’s possible for our own. GFiber Labs will take on the essential questions of our industry — speed to the home, speed in the home, reliability, service, deployment and access.

Additionally, for customers who want to push the boundaries of the internet, GFiber Labs will allow some early access to advanced products and services that have been tested in our lab and are ready to be put to use in a real world environment. We’ll use their feedback to refine and scale these products and services before a full launch across our entire network.

Will customers pay for GFiber Labs products?

Yes, some GFiber Labs products may require payment to participate. These products have been tested by our engineers and are ready for real world use. GFiber Labs products are for customers who want to be part of pushing the internet forward. Our 20 Gig service is currently priced at $250 per month.

What’s the difference between GFiber Labs and your Trusted Tester program?

Trusted Testers are short term testers prior to a large scale launch of a product to help ensure all parts of the process are working as designed before we roll something out to a broader market.

GFiber Labs projects are generally not aimed at a broad launch in the near term. Customers for these products are interested in being part of what’s next for the internet.

I want to be a GFiber Labs customer, how do I sign up?

Interested GFiber customers will be able to sign up for new GFiber Labs projects as they are announced. Check out the Google Fiber blog or follow us on social media to ensure you see the latest announcements.

Why is it GFiber Labs, not Google Fiber Labs?

Over the past year, we’ve been incorporating the use of GFiber into our company branding and communications. It’s a nickname we’ve used informally both internally and externally, and allows us flexibility to incorporate more of our work, from Webpass to GFiber Labs, under one umbrella.