Happy Holidays. Times 100.

Get the goodness of TV and Internet this holiday season.

Google Fiber Gift

Sign up for one of our plans by December 22 and pick up your holiday gift from the Fiber Space.

And if you sign up for Google Fiber Gigabit + TV, you can pick up your Nexus 7 tablet in time to wrap for the holidays.

Still have questions or need help choosing your plan?

Come visit us at the Google Fiber Space or at one of our three mobile Fiber Space locations to sign up for your plan.

 Fiber Space
1814 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111

 Ward Parkway Mall
8600 Ward Pkwy Kansas City, MO 64114 NE interior corner, next to the theater entrance

 Legends Mall
843 Village W Pkwy Kansas City, KS 66109 NW mall entrance, located next to the Legends Tower

 Prescott Plaza
151 S 18th St, Kansas City, KS 66102 Directly located after the main entrance

We also invite you to our special holiday events at the Fiber Space

  • Holiday Kickoff, November 23
    Celebrate the holidays with our team with product demos, Disney and ESPN giveaways, photo opportunities and tasty snacks while you learn all about Fiber.
  • Harvest Festival, November 30
    Come enjoy caramel apples and hot cider with our team, sign up for Fiber and take home your holiday gift.
  • Winter Wonderland, December 7
    Decorate cookies and enjoy Topsy’s popcorn balls while you learn about Google Fiber.
  • Cabin in the Woods, December 14
    Come spend some family time in the Fiber Space and enjoy our hot cocoa bar.
  • Give the gift of Fiber, December 21
    Don’t miss out on your last chance to hang out in the Fiber Space and learn how you can give your family the gift of Google Fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Why are you re-opening sign-ups?
    Since we first began installing customers a year ago, many people have moved into new homes or new fiberhoods. They’ve told us that they want to sign-up for Google Fiber — but they haven’t been able to, because they missed their fiberhood’s sign-up deadline. So over the next month, we’re re-opening the sign-up process for them and for anyone else who missed their earlier sign-up deadlines. From Nov. 20th through December 22nd, anyone who lives in a single-family home in a qualified fiberhood can sign-up for Fiber.
  • Could more Fiberhoods qualify now?
    No — for now, we’re only reopening sign-ups for qualified fiberhoods in KCK and Central KCMO. We’ll have additional opportunities for new areas to qualify for Fiber in the future.
  • Why aren’t you reopening the fiberhoods that didn’t qualify the first time?
    This is just in response to people who have moved to a new fiberhood or missed their first chance to sign-up. We’ll have additional opportunities for new areas to qualify for Fiber in the future.
  • Does this apply to Provo or Austin?
    No, this just applies to Kansas City.
  • Will you open sign-ups for these fiberhoods again?
    We have no currently scheduled plans to do so. If you want Fiber, we’d recommend signing up now, since we’re not sure when there will be another chance.
  • I live in an apartment or condo and I was told there was no deadline to sign up for Fiber service. Does the December 22 deadline apply to me?
    You can sign up for Google Fiber at any time, however to get your holiday gift, you must pick your plan by December 22.


  • If I sign up now, when can I expect the install?
    Our goal is to have Fiber installed within four months for all single-family homes that sign up during the holiday period. If you live in an apartment or condo that already has an agreement signed to get Fiber, we hope to bring Fiber to your unit by April.


  • Who is eligible to get their Nexus 7 early? What about the Google Fiber holiday mug?
    Any customer who signs up for Google Fiber between November 20 and December 22 can pick up a Google Fiber holiday mug from our Fiber Space. New Fiber TV customers who sign up between November 20 and December 22 can pick up their Nexus 7 tablet from the Fiber Space now, without having to wait until they get their service installed. The holiday mug and the early pick up for Nexus 7 tablets are only available while supplies last.
  • I’ve signed up during the holiday window, but won’t have the chance to pick up my Nexus 7 at the Fiber Space. Can you ship it to me?
    Unfortunately, we can’t ship your Nexus 7 to you. If you can’t make it to the Fiber Space to pick it up, we will make sure you get your device when we install Fiber in your home.


  • If I sign up now and get my Nexus 7 or holiday mug, when will you actually start billing me for service?
    Billing will start once your service is installed. However, the warranty for your Nexus 7 begins upon pick up.

© 2013 Google Fiber Inc. 100 times faster Internet claim is based on average American speeds of 8.6 Mb/sec according to Akamai's State of the Internet 1Q2013. Actual Internet speed may vary. Go to Google Fiber Help Center at http://goo.gl/vBzLP for further details. Service not available in all areas. The holiday offers are for new customers that sign up for Fiber between November 20 and December 22, 2013. Pick up the Nexus 7 at the Fiber Space while supplies last. If supplies run out, the Nexus 7 will be delivered at time of installation. Pick up the Google Fiber holiday gift at the Fiber Space. Limited quantities available.