The fastest internet in North Charlotte1 — now in 1 and 2 Gig.

2 Gig keeps Charlotte streamer Morgan (bettynixx) streaming, gaming, and more.2 1
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North Charlotte Apartments with Google Fiber

Alta Croft

4414 Johnston Oehler Road
Charlotte, NC 28269

(833) 579-5608

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Bainbridge Research Park

8915 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28269

(704) 734-9426

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Pointe at Research Park

9235 Senator Royall Dr
Charlotte, NC 28262

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The Bryce

4101 Double Creek Crossing Dr
Charlotte, NC 28269

(855) 984-0277

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Greenway at Mallard Creek

8230 Greenway Village Dr
Charlotte, NC 28269

(855) 984-0474

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The Maxwell at Highland Creek

5410 Prosperity Ridge Rd
Charlotte, NC 28269

(704) 992-9049

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Cheshire Chase

3724 Connery Ct
Charlotte, NC 28269

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Presley Oaks

4915 Misty Oaks Dr
Charlotte, NC 28269

(704) 596-2303

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Reserve at Stone Hollow

8800 Hollow Creek Cir
Charlotte, NC 28262

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Lantower Garrison Park

Odell School Road and Amanda Road
Charlotte, NC 28262

(704) 286-9159

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Mill Pond Apartments

3515 Laurel Mill Dr
Charlotte, NC 28262

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The Pointe at Prosperity Village

7304 Brice Knoll Ln
Charlotte, NC 28269

(844) 688-7006

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“Google Fiber has helped me with being able to upload my content, stream without issues, and multi-task while I do all of those things.”

Morgan | bettynixx Streamer, 2 Gig customer2 Charlotte, NC

By the way, we’re Google Fiber.

Hard-to-match speed.

That would be gigabit uploads and downloads.

Always on.

With (way) fewer outages than cable internet, you’ll get reliable internet you can count on.

Everyone’s connected.

Let everyone use all their devices at the same time.

No data caps.

Your data should be unlimited. So it is.

No hidden fees.

Just a straightforward price: $70/month.2

No lock-ins.

No annual contracts. No, really.

What can you do with gigabit internet?
A whole lot.

Keep everyone online.

Let everyone do their own internet thing without interruptions. That means non-stop streaming, learning online, working out, gaming, and video chatting—all at the same time.

Make WFH work.

When you have gigabit uploads, you don’t have to worry about being the person who’s always “cutting out” of the meeting and then apologizing for your internet quality. Your internet should be work-worthy—even if your office is your couch.

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Stay in touch.

When you can’t see someone in real life, you should be able to see them over the internet—with real-life quality. That means no freezing or skipping. It’s a fact: “Sorry, lost you!” really kills the mood.

Google Home Mini

Connect your home.

You’ve got a smart doorbell, a smart fridge, two smart TVs, some tablets, cameras, monitors, a smart bike, a smart thermostat, smart security devices, a voice-activated light system (very cool), and then some. And when you’ve got a gig, you’ve got plenty of internet.

Win more with less lag.

Or should we say—more frags, less lag? Whether you’re going on a raid or tending to your virtual farm, this kind of internet was practically made for gaming.

Watch what you love without the cable box.

What’s internet life without streaming? (Probably more productive, but way less entertaining.) You can watch everything over the internet—including live TV. And over a gig, you can forget about buffering. Just endless streaming. You know what that means: You’re going to need more snacks.

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Video game controller

Turns out, people don’t mind calling us.

We’re humans, not robots, so we’ll pick up the phone quickly and have an actual conversation with you. We won’t keep you waiting, because we respect your time. Our customers voted us PCMag’s Best Customer Service and Tech Support, and it’s important that we keep living up to that. One thing’s always certain: Our internet is all about you.

We hope you never have to call us. But if things aren’t working right, please give us a ring. Or send us an email. Or chat with us. Or DM us. However you'd like to communicate.

Home phone service

Your home phone. Done the internet way.

Home phone service

Take what you love about having a landline, but subtract the “land” part... and add features made possible by the internet.

Decide who can call you when with privacy controls, turn your voicemails into emails and texts, and forward your calls to any of your devices. And don’t worry about getting stuck in bundles—simply add it to your internet plan for $10/month.2

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Where is Google Fiber available in North Charlotte?

We're working to bring Google Fiber to more communities in North Charlotte. To find out if you're eligible to sign up for Google Fiber, click on the check availability button at the top of the page and enter your address. If your address is not yet eligible, you can enter your email address to receive updates.

How fast is Google Fiber internet?

With our 1 Gig plan, you’ll get upload and download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, or 1000 mbps. With our 2 Gig plan, you’ll get download speeds up to 2 gigabits per second, or 2000 mbps, and upload speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

How much does a Google Fiber plan cost?

In North Charlotte, our 1 Gig plan costs $70/month*. Our 2 Gig plan costs $100/month*. You can add home phone service for an additional $10* a month.

*plus applicable taxes and fees

Will I be able to use Wi-Fi with Google Fiber?

Yes. Your internet plan includes powerful Wi-Fi, so you can use all your devices throughout your whole home.

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