Community Connections

What are Community Connections?

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Google Fiber was founded with the goal to make the web better and faster - for everyone. That’s why we created the Community Connections program. We’re bringing our fastest Internet speeds to organizations like libraries, community centers, and nonprofits in our Fiber cities.

These essential community resources offer free web access, digital literacy training, STEM education, online job fairs, and so much more. As we expand, we will identify Community Connections based on their ability to create measurable impact with super fast Internet and work with them so that they get the most from their connection.

We can’t wait to see what our Community Connections do with Fiber.

Information for Community Connections sites

What will your connection include?

Gigabit Internet

All Community Connections will be equipped with a symmetric gigabit Internet connection (up to 1 Gbps upload and 1 Gbps download) over Google Fiber’s network for $0/month.

Dedicated Support

We have dedicated phone support available 24 hours/day, every day of the year, along with email and chat support. For any issues with Community Connections, we will provide a next business day on-site response, as necessary.

IP Addresses

Google Fiber’s Community Connections service includes:

  • 5 static public IPv4 addresses (/29)
  • 256 IPv6 LAN networks (/56)
Service Demarcation

As a Community Connection site, you have the option to select either one Fiber Jack or one Network Box for your service demarcation. Each option has different benefits:

a) Fiber Jack

Fiber Jack

Google Fiber’s optical networking terminal (ONT) which converts from fiber-optic to electrical ethernet signal. Typically the preferred option for sites with their own on-premise routers and firewalls. Learn more

b) Network Box

Network Box

Google Fiber’s router with built-in firewall and Wi-Fi. Equivalent to our residential service and preferred by smaller organizations who do not have their own networking infrastructure. Learn more

How to get connected

Fiberhood Schedule

If your fiberhood qualifies, installations for Community Connections will occur alongside other installations in your fiberhood.


When it is time to install in your fiberhood, our team will contact you with instructions to get you started. We will evaluate the network engineering required to install your site and ask you to select your service demarcation (either Fiber Jack or Network Box, as outlined above). We will conduct a site survey, and then send networking designs for your approval before beginning installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Community Connections site get Google Fiber TV service as well?

No, Google Fiber for Community Connections is an Internet product only. Google Fiber TV is not included with this service and is only available to residential customers.

Can my site order additional connections?

At this time, we do not offer additional connections. If your site is interested in additional services from Google Fiber, please contact your Google Fiber Account Manager.

Can my site order additional Network Boxes and/or Fiber Jacks?

Google Fiber provides Community Connection sites with one demarcation, either via our Fiber Jack or Network Box. Additional equipment is not supported.

Will I need to purchase any new equipment (routers, etc.) to support the Google Fiber connection?

This depends on the capabilities of your site's existing network infrastructure and what your site is trying to achieve with gigabit Internet.

Once they have Google Fiber, many Community Connection sites are interested in enabling new high-bandwidth services for their participants. Supporting these services or upgrading existing services to take full advantage of the benefits of a symmetric gigabit Internet connection may require new equipment.

What is a gigabit?

One gigabit per second (Gbps) is a 1000 megabits per second (Mbps).

What if I wish to extend service beyond the current term?

If you are a Community Connection site in Kansas City, Austin, or Provo, your connection has a pre-set term length. For Community Connections in these cities, we will notify you of options for extending service towards the end of the current term. Community Connections in other cities do not have a pre-set term length, but will be given one year advance notice for any changes to the price of Service.

How does this compare to my current service?

Your Google Fiber Account Manager can help answer this based on the specifics of your current service. Depending on the needs of your organization, your Community Connection could be a complement or replacement for current Internet services. Learn more about the benefits of Google Fiber's gigabit Internet.

What defines commercially reasonable construction?

There are a number of factors that determine if a site is commercially reasonable such as construction style and technique. This will vary for each site and this is why a site survey is conducted to determine if a site is commercially reasonable or not. It is important to note that a Community Connection is not guaranteed until this evaluation is complete and a contract has been signed with the site.

My site needs multiple static IP addresses. Will you provide that?

Google Fiber Community Connections will receive Static IPv4 addresses (/29).

Google Fiber Community Connections will also receive 256 IPv6 LAN networks (/56).

What service-level agreement (SLA) does this service include?

Google Fiber Community Connections benefit from:

  • fully dedicated 24x7 phone support, along with chat and email support
  • next business day on-site response, if necessary
How can my organization be considered for this program?

Community Connection sites have been identified in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo. In other cities, we are currently not accepting applications, but will share more information as the program expands.

Customer support

If you are an approved Community Connections site and need help, please contact us at: