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March 8, 2022

Your Business — now even faster

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When we launched our 2 Gig product, the number one question we got was, “When will this be available for business customers?” We’re proud to say the wait is over! Customers can sign up today for our new Business 2 Gig product for $250 a month. (Yep, that’s the same price we offered SMB 1000 for previously — same low price, twice the download speed).

Business 2 Gig customers get up to 2000 mbps download and up to 1000 mbps upload, along with Wifi 6 with mesh capability and up to two mesh extenders based on the needs of their business. Our flagship Business 1 Gig remains a great option for business customers as well, now at only $100 a month, providing fast, reliable internet at an even more affordable price.

Additionally, we know that phone service is integral to business operation. That’s why we’re pleased to   offer Google Fiber Business customers the opportunity to sign up for Dialpad’s business phone service at a 25% discount. Dialpad customers benefit from unified business and customer communications, including a cloud business phone system, text and team messaging, video meetings and the world’s most advanced AI contact center — all in one app.

Existing Google Fiber business customers are eligible for the new pricing and products — they just need to log in to their account to upgrade or contact customer service to make the necessary changes. For those who upgrade to Business 2 Gig, our installers will come out to set up the new equipment.

Business 2 Gig is available to any business address in any Google Fiber service area. Sign up today to see where truly fast, affordable internet can take your business!

Posted by Bill Mosher, General Manager, Google Fiber Business