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June 6, 2017

Webpass heads to the Emerald City

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Today, Webpass announced that it's ready to move into Seattle, one Ethernet-wired building at a time.

The company has made great progress in the Emerald City, identifying the first building where it will provide high-speed Internet service, and hiring a General Manager to lead the local team.

Webpass will provide blazing-fast Internet (up to a gigabit per second!) to residential and business customers, starting with Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue, a 40-story tower located above Pike Place Market. They expect to add many more buildings throughout the city, and, starting today, residents of other apartment and condo buildings can reach out to express interest in bringing Webpass to their home.

Leading the Seattle team as General Manager is Craig Friedson, a 20-year Seattle resident and telecom and Internet industry professional for nearly 25 years. Craig’s industry expertise, combined with his local knowledge, will be a great asset to Webpass' new home office in Seattle.

Webpass Seattle Launch Team
Customers can learn more here, or at 1-800-WEBPASS.

Posted by Charles Barr, founder, Webpass