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Autumn Deadlines Fast Approaching in KC

The color of the leaves won’t be the only thing changing in Kansas City this autumn. Forty-four more fiberhoods, across both Kansas and Missouri, will have the chance to experience instant downloads and crystal clear HDTV. If you live in one of the fiberhoods listed below, visit our website now to choose your plan.
Wyandotte Center -Thursday, October 3
Royal Gardens -Thursday, October 3
West Height -Thursday, October 3
Turner Diagonal -Thursday, October 3
Sumner -Thursday, October 3
Watchtower -Thursday, October 3
Coronado -Thursday, October 3
Banneker -Thursday, October 3
Frances Willard -Thursday, October 3
Eugene Ware -Thursday, October 3

N 55th -Thursday, October 10
Edison School -Thursday, October 10
Beacon Hills -Thursday, October 10
Emerson -Thursday, October 10
Linden Hills -Thursday, October 10
West Side North -Thursday, October 10
North Town Fork Crk -Thursday, October 10
Southmoreland North -Thursday, October 10
Westport -Thursday, October 10
West Side South -Thursday, October 10

Willow Creek North -Thursday, October 17
City Park -Thursday, October 17
Prescott Park -Thursday, October 17
Woodland -Thursday, October 17
Mt Hope -Thursday, October 17
Caruthers -Thursday, October 17
Kensington -Thursday, October 17
Klamm Park -Thursday, October 17
Santa Fe -Thursday, October 17
County 5 -Thursday, October 17
Center City -Thursday, October 17
Wendell Phillips -Thursday, October 17

Mount Cleveland -Thursday, October 24
Tri-Blenheim -Thursday, October 24
Citadel -Thursday, October 24
Key Coalition North -Thursday, October 24
Indian Mound West -Thursday, October 24
Budd Park -Thursday, October 24
South Town Fork Crk -Thursday, October 24
Splitlog Park -Thursday, October 24
Memorial Park -Thursday, October 24
Key Coalition South -Thursday, October 24
Lincoln Prep -Thursday, October 24
Parkview -Thursday, October 24

Posted by Rachel Hack, Google Fiber Community Manager

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