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13 new fiberhood deadlines

If you’re in any of the following thirteen Missouri fiberhoods, we’ve just announced your sign up deadline—head over to our website to choose your Fiber plan.
Tower Homes North -Thursday, June 27
Central Hyde Park -Thursday, June 27
Coleman Highlands -Thursday, June 27
Brookside -Thursday, June 27
Country Club Dist -Thursday, June 27
Armour Hills -Thursday, June 27
Westwood -Thursday, July 11
Romanelli West -Thursday, July 11
South Plaza East -Thursday, July 11
Armour Fields -Thursday, July 11
Roanoke -Thursday, July 11
Ward Estates -Thursday, July 11
Western 49-63 South -Thursday, July 11

There are also a few deadlines coming up in Kansas over the next few weeks—you can see the full list here. Nervous you’ll miss your deadline? Follow us on Google+, Facebook or Twitter where we post about upcoming deadlines and other cool stuff, too.
Posted by Rachel Hack, Community Manager, Google Fiber

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