Google Fiber for Property Managers

Google Fiber starts with a connection speed 100 times faster than today's average broadband speeds. Instant downloads. Crystal clear high definition TV. And endless possibilities. It's not cable. And it's not just Internet. It's Google Fiber. And it’s now available to apartments and condos.

We believe that upgrading your Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) to Google Fiber will make it especially attractive for residents. Once you get Fiber for your property, residents will be able to get free Internet* at today’s average speeds or upgrade to faster gigabit-speed Internet and crystal clear high-definition TV. Get started today and be one of the first MDUs in the country to have Google Fiber.


*Each unit is guaranteed Free service for at least 10 years from construction.

Google Fiber at a glance


What buildings qualify for Google Fiber for apartments and condos?

We define a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) as a property with more than 8 units that requires approval from a third party (owner/manager) to install Google Fiber service. This is a property that contains multiple residences, such as an apartment building or condo complex.

Where is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is available to apartments, condos and townhomes in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. You can now sign up your property for Google Fiber in Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas.

Find Kansas City properties and Provo properties that have entered into agreements with Google Fiber.

How to get it

How to get it

Ready to get Fiber for your MDU? Fill out this form and we’ll contact you to get started. When you get Google Fiber, you’ll pay the construction fee for your entire property and we’ll wire every unit with a Fiber connection.

Add value to your property

Big return
Previous Unit Value
Unit Value with a Fiber Connection

Small investment. Big return.

According to the Broadband Communications publication, the average individual apartment unit value increases up to 15% with a fiber connection.1 Depending on your building location, your investment may be entirely recouped through our MDU rebate program*.

High-speed Internet.
High-demand property.

More than ever, people are spending time online. On a weekday it's more than 5 hours a day.2 Attract and retain residents by connecting your building to the speed of Fiber. Residents rate a fast broadband connection and a premium television package as one of their main reasons for choosing and staying in an apartment.3

Average Download
Average Download


times faster Internet
up to


High speed

Sources: 1,2,3 Broadband Communities (May/June 2013)
*MDU rebate program not available in Provo

Events and Info Sessions

We periodically hold info sessions for property managers, landlords and HOA representatives to answer your questions about bringing Google Fiber to your properties. Come to one of our events to learn how Fiber to the home can increase your property value.

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© 2013 Google Fiber Inc. Think it's crazy speak to claim 100 times faster Internet? Actually, according to Akamai's State of the Internet 1Q2013, the average American only experiences speeds of 8.6 Mb/sec, while Google Fiber offers up to 1,000 Mb/sec download and upload. Actual Internet speed may vary. Go to Google Fiber Help Center at for further details. If you are already cruising mighty fast on the internet, the actual increase in performance you experience may differ - but gigabit speed like Fiber’s is still the fastest residential internet in the nation right now. Service night available in all areas.