Google Fiber for Property Managers

Connect your property with gigabit Internet

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Super fast Internet for your residents or tenants at no cost to you

Google Fiber will connect your building with the standard build at no cost to you. Upgrading your residential or commercial property to Google Fiber can make it attractive to residents and tenants. For residential properties, residents can get super fast speeds and crystal clear high definition TV or a Basic Internet plan for $0/month. For businesses, tenants can get Gigabit Internet for $100/month, with the option to add up to 5 static IPs for an additional fee.

Our build process: 5 steps to bring Fiber to your property

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For building developers Build for Fiber

If you want to future proof your building, we’ve created detailed developer specs so that you can build your next property to be Fiber ready.

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For residents & property managers Find a Fiber apartment

Search for apartments and condos in your area that are already part of the Google Fiber network. If you don’t see your building, you can help us bring Google Fiber to your unit.

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Service not available in all areas. *Each unit is guaranteed free service for at least 10 years from construction.