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How we bring Fiber to a city

Planning and building a new network from scratch takes time—and we want to work closely with our cities to map out and understand all possible local needs and challenges.

  • It’s a joint effort.

    We work alongside city leaders to explore bringing Google Fiber to their area. This means reviewing infrastructure—roads, underground utility paths, and even permitting capabilities, to make sure cities are ready to design and build a brand new network.

  • Designed from scratch.

    Every mile of this super fast network has to be planned—we can’t just put it anywhere. We use information on local infrastructure—roads, utilities, including existing utility poles and water, gas, and electricity lines—to create a map of where we can build.

  • We do some heavy lifting.

    With our plan in place, we start the hard work of stringing and laying thousands of miles of brand new, state-of-the-art fiber optic cable. You may see our engineers and crews in the streets for a long time.

  • We bring fiber to your home.

    Once you’ve signed up, we’ll connect your home to the network and Fiber equipment will be installed in your home.

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