Streaming TV is easy–here's how to do it

Girls watching streaming video

What’s streaming?

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video or binged an entire series on Netflix, you’ve actually already tried streaming. Streaming is when whatever you’re watching is delivered through the Internet as opposed to traditional cable or satellite methods.

You may already know about streaming on-demand content, but you can also watch live TV online. In fact, you can view nearly anything online.

Why should I stream?

There are many benefits to streaming. One of the biggest perks is that you can pay for what you actually want to watch—you only have to pay for the subscriptions you sign up for, which can result in significant cost savings. You can create your own custom “package” by only purchasing subscriptions to streaming services you like. Some services are even free.

There’s no shortage of what to watch. Many services provide top-of-the-line original programming—the very shows that make for great dinner party conversation, but you can also enjoy lots of primetime TV shows and classic movies. Plus, you can watch live TV, which means you don’t have to miss out on breaking news, major sports events, or award shows.

Streaming also gives you the ability to watch almost anywhere. Skip the cable box and complicated wiring when you’re streaming at home, or watch on-the-go by streaming to your laptop, phone, or tablet wherever you are.

How to switch to streaming

Step 1

High quality Internet

Go faster for the best streaming experience. One of the perks of high speed (like our truly fast gigabit Internet) is that you can stream in 4K HD without buffering.

Step 2

A screen that can connect to the Internet

Smart TVs, computers, mobile phones, and tablets make streaming easy. If you want to watch on a TV that isn’t already connected to the Internet, you can still skip the cable box. You’ll just need a device to deliver your streamed content to your TV, such as a Roku player, Chromecast, or an Apple TV.

Step 3

A service to get all your content

One of the best things about streaming is that you can watch however you like. Pick what works best for you based on your TV-watching habits, or mix and match to get all the content you want. You can:

Watch with a cable-free TV replacement.

No need to miss out on breaking news, sports, or your favorite reality shows. You can tune into live local TV with a streaming service like YouTubeTV, Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, PlayStation Vue, or Sling TV

Enjoy content on-demand.

Watch classic TV series, movies, and original, binge-worthy shows whenever you want with aggregators like Netflix or Hulu. Many channels offer their own streaming services so you can enjoy their programming, too.

Mix and match.

Create your own customized “package” by choosing which services and channels you want.

Check out online resources such as and for help finding the service that’s right for you.


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