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Let’s go faster.

Ready for our fastest speeds yet?

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How much will 5 and 8 Gig cost?

Google Fiber’s 5 Gig residential service will cost $125 a month plus any applicable local taxes and fees. 8 Gig will cost $150 a month plus local taxes and fees.

Both plans include professional installation, the Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router and up to two Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Extenders.

What addresses will be able to get 5 and 8 Gig?

We’re launching these pro-at-home speeds in Kansas City, West Des Moines, Salt Lake City and Provo. While we’re still determining the specific launch dates for each city, we expect to have 5 and 8 Gig available in all Google Fiber cities. Recently announced cities such as Des Moines, Iowa will have 5 and 8 Gig capabilities from the start.

However, speeds available to individual addresses may vary, even within cities where these speeds are widely available.

What does it take to get 5 or 8 Gig?

First, our installers will add or upgrade your existing Fiber Jack to our 10 Gig Fiber Jack.

Given how new and performance-intensive pro-at-home speeds are, you’ll need to connect via ethernet and equipment capable of these speeds, including your computer, USB adapters, and any networking appliances (such as a switch).

While Wi-Fi 6 speeds will be fast, you can expect Wi-Fi speeds of up to 700 Mbps in each direction with the provided router due to the capabilities of the Wi-Fi standard and equipment.

Can I use my own router with 5 and 8 Gig?

Yes. Although we’re happy to provide a Wi-Fi 6-capable Multi-Gig Router with a 10G port at no additional cost, if you want to use a different router, you’re welcome to.

Once a 10 Gig Fiber Jack is installed, you can use any compatible router directly connected to the Fiber Jack. Of course, you will be responsible for your own tech support on your own equipment.

What can I do with 5 and 8 Gig?

While new uses for faster speeds are being created as faster speeds are available, today these pro-at-home speeds are perfect for people who want to transfer very large files quickly as well as folks who use connection-intensive cloud-based applications.

Will 5 and 8 Gig speeds be available to business customers?

While we aren’t announcing yet, we encourage businesses to sign up for email updates to keep in the loop on new business products.

When will speeds faster than 8 Gig be available?

While we’re actively testing even faster speeds, we aren’t announcing the availability of any additional residential or business speeds yet.