People across Fiber cities are using the web to do more for their families and the community.

"The Digital Media Lab [sponsored by Fiber] is initiative from the library to actually get kids engaged in technology but not just as consumers of technology, but as creators of technology."

Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner

Executive Director, Kansas City Library

With Cheptoo’s leadership, the Kansas City Public Library is teaching youth how to become creators of technology through their digital media lab. This initiative is supported by the KC Digital Inclusion Fund and Google Fiber.

"...If you understand Hokkien I hope that you will join me in this effort in preserving this witty and fun language."

John Ong

Creator, Penang Hokkien Podcast

John hosts the popular Penang Hokkien podcast, using his home Fiber connection and Google Hangouts to connect with people all over the world and preserve his native language.

"People my age we are so afraid to use computers, every time I learn something I feel more confident, I feel sometimes so happy to say “I can do it!”"

Maria Elena Fuentes

Digital Literacy Student, Centro Hispano of Provo

Maria is taking free digital literacy classes offered by Centro Hispano in partnership with Google Fiber. Her experience mirrors many participants being equipped with skills to contribute to the online community.

"Going through the digital literacy classes, the technology classes are going to really level the playing field for our residents who may not have access to that type of training."

Sylvia Blanco

Executive VP, Housing Authority of City of Austin

On behalf of the Housing Authority of City of Austin, Sylvia partnered with Fiber to launch - Unlocking the Connection. A program that gives 4,300 low-income housing residents the training and digital literacy skills to compete in the job world.

"Through the Google Fiber classes that was provided here at the housing authority I was able to learn how to make a video on my own YouTube channel which I think is pretty special."

Steven Dolbeare

Digital Literacy Graduate, Provo Housing Authority

Steven graduated from a digital literacy class offered by the Provo Housing Authority in partnership with Google Fiber. Where many residents had no computer skills, Steven and his cohort are now empowered to do more with the web.

"So now they’re able to apply for jobs, 20 jobs in the time that it took them to apply for one job. And it just gives people more vitality to do things quicker, with greater ease."

Robin Medina

Teacher, Tech Starters Class in Austin

Robin taught the first Tech Starters class, a digital literacy program offered to residents of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin with Google Fiber. Robin works with residents to learn the web and prepare them for jobs that require digital skills.

"It lets you get to answers so much faster. And get those answers to the patients and their families faster, all with the goal of improving their health."

Reid Robison

Geneticist and co-founder of Tute Genomics

Reid creates platforms for researchers and clinicians to analyze genetic information to improve healthcare. With Gigabit Internet, he can upload a whole human genome, typically 200 gigabytes, in a fraction of the time it would take on a basic connection.

"The classes were beautiful….it was surprising, the seniors that came every week and how they opened up - the fact that they were just like me. But, we all left feeling much better and couldn’t wait for the next week."

Evelyn Hammond

Digital Literacy Graduate, Provo Housing Authority

Evelyn graduated from a digital literacy class offered by the Provo Housing Authority in partnership with Google Fiber. She learned web skills that gave her the ability to video chat with family and communicate with friends.

"Everything is on the computer. To learn it, to know it, it’s a benefit. Because we can look for either employment or education. It’s almost like a must to have a computer."

Armando Baladez

Graduate, Tech Starters Class in Austin

Armando is a Housing Authority resident in Austin and recent graduate of Tech Starters, a digital literacy class offered as part of the Unlocking the Connection initiative.

"The parents are so happy cause they can stay online. I mean, everyday, having Fiber makes a difference here at Now I Can."

Tracey Christensen

Co-Founder, Now I Can Organization

As a part of Community Connections, Now I Can, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities reach their greatest potential, has a Google Fiber connection.

"Now with Google Fiber and the cameras, the ability to be able to watch them do therapy without distracting them is amazing."

Lindsay Bingham

Now I Can Client, Landon’s Mom

Lindsay can watch her son Landon’s progress remotely with Now I Can’s Dropcams and super fast Internet. Now I Can, a non-profit dedicated to helping children with disabilities, has a Google Fiber connection from the Community Connections program.

"We’re able to livestream all over the world as well as host 150 connections locally as well as able to break out into multiple video chat rooms for the people streaming in."

Colt Henrie

Co-Founder, DevMountain in Provo

Dev Mountain, the coding academy Colt co-founded, used its Google Fiber connection to host trainings with students from all over the world connecting via high quality Internet video. With Fiber, Colt can hold livestream conferences for as many students necessary.