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What is Google Fiber offering?

Google Fiber is offering an Internet connection speed that’s up to 1,000 megabits per second, along with a TV service like no other. We also have a Basic Internet plan with up to 5 Mbps download & 1 Mbps upload speeds, where you’ll get today's basic broadband speeds for up to 7 years with no monthly service fees. All you need to pay is a construction fee to bring a fiber connection to your home. You can choose between a one-time payment of $300 or 12 monthly payments of $25 + taxes. Learn more

What is a gigabit?

One gigabit per second (Gbps) is a 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) connection. With gigabit speeds, there’s enough bandwidth for everyone in your home. And all your devices. That means everyone at home can have a super fast connection on their computers, smartphones, tablets, and more—all at the same time.

Why does gigabit speed matter?

Gigabit Internet will help revolutionize the web in new ways. Imagine chatting with your doctors or teachers via HD video conference, or collaborating on a work or school project with contributors across the globe in real time, without delays. Imagine new online billing applications that don’t freeze. Or automatically saving all of your work to the cloud in a blink of an eye—and not having to worry about losing files in a computer crash. A gigabit is the Internet experience of the future.

Which areas of Austin will be able to get Google Fiber service?

We’re focused within the Austin city limits. Visit the fiberhoods page to view specific boundaries and neighborhood definitions.

How do I get Fiber service for my home?

We build the Fiber network in areas where people want it. Austin is divided into small communities we call “fiberhoods." You can only get Fiber if enough people in your fiberhood show interest. This means reaching its sign-up goal by the deadline. To get service for your home, you need to sign up before the sign-up period for your fiberhood ends. To see the status of your fiberhood and to sign up, check your address. If your fiberhood qualifies, we'll begin construction in your fiberhood after the sign-up period ends. This process will take some time. Once we're ready to connect you, we'll get in touch and schedule a time for a Google Fiber team member to come to your house and install your equipment. If your fiberhood is listed as constructing or constructed, your sign-up period has ended and you cannot sign up for Google Fiber at this time.

When can I sign up for Google Fiber?

If you live in Austin, visit our homepage and enter your address to see when your fiberhood's sign-up period is open. If your area isn’t open for sign ups yet, enter your address to be among the first to know when you can sign up for service.

What is the Fiber Space?

The Fiber Space is our storefront in Austin where you can come to experience what a gigabit is like, ask us questions about Fiber or sign up for service. We also host fun events and workshops to demonstrate the benefits of gigabit Internet. Look out for updates on our events calendar or come visit us.

Do you have a TTY line for the hearing impaired?

Yes we do, and it can be reached at (TTY) 855-764-9300.

Will there be a local location for customer support?

We'll be able to answer most of your questions via email, phone or online chat. If you would like to talk with someone in person, we would love for you to visit the Fiber Space and speak to our Google Fiber team members.

How does the sign-up process work? What is a fiberhood?

A fiberhood is a smaller community within a city that usually has a few neighborhoods grouped together. We bring service to fiberhoods that meet sign-up goals. You can see which fiberhood your address is in and how many more sign-ups it needs to get Google Fiber by visiting google.com/fiber/austin.

How do I know if my fiberhood is qualified?

If you're signed up, we'll email you with an update when your fiberhood's sign-up period ends. You can also check your fiberhood’s status at google.com/fiber/austin.

What plans will you offer and how much will they cost?

We’ll be offering three product plans: Gigabit + TV, Gigabit Internet and Basic Internet. To learn more about our offerings in Austin, please visit our plans & pricing page.

Are there any data caps on my internet connection?

No way! We want you to use and enjoy your broadband or gigabit connections. There are no caps or limits to the amount of data you can send or receive.

Can I get Google Fiber TV without Gigabit Internet?

No. Google Fiber TV service is only sold with our Gigabit Internet offering.

Can I keep my existing TV service?

Google Fiber TV is a new and exciting experience. It allows you to find and watch video from many different sources, including live programming, DVR recordings, video on demand, and online streaming —all in crystal clear high definition. We think it’s pretty great, and we’d love for you to check it out. But if you want to keep your current TV plan and still get Google Fiber, you can. Just choose the Gigabit Internet plan or the Basic Internet plan.

Do I need to buy a new computer to take full advantage of the gigabit Internet?

In order to take advantage of gigabit speeds, you'll need a computer or laptop that supports a gigabit (in geek terms, this means having a 1Gbps 1000BaseT network interface card). Most recently-produced computers and laptops already support gigabit speeds. But if you're not sure if your computer or laptop does, consult your computer documentation and look for the following terms: 1000baseTx or 1000Mbps or 1Gbps or GigE.

Do you offer a telephone service?

We do not have a specific voice offering. However, our broadband service allows you to take advantage of numerous voice services (VOIP) that operate across broadband connections. Google Voice is just one example of the types of services that you can use to make calls.

How much will the TV boxes cost?

Your first TV box is included for free in the Gigabit + TV package with your paid subscription. For those of you who want Google Fiber on multiple televisions in your home, you can rent extra TV Boxes for $5 each/month. Extra boxes include a standard remote control.

What add-on content options do I have? How much will they cost?

Please see the channels page for the full channel lineup and details on optional content.

What channels are available?

We’re always working to improve our channel lineup by regularly considering new channels, shows, and other content. To stay up to date with the latest lineup, visit our channels page.

What is different about the Google Fiber TV service from my current TV subscription?

Often, users watch video from many different sources: live channels, DVR recordings, video on demand, and online streaming. Google Fiber TV lets you easily watch, search and discover content from all of these places. Combined with a robust channel package and crystal clear high definition, Google Fiber TV is a new and exciting experience.

What is Google Drive? How do I use it? What is a terabyte?

Google Drive lets you back up and access your personal files anywhere: at home, at the office, or on the go. And, with Google Fiber you get an extra terabyte (1024 gigabytes) of storage across Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos! (That’s a whole lot.) Now your files go everywhere you do. Change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device and it updates on every device where you’ve installed Google Drive. Share, collaborate, or work alone: your files, your choice. Learn more

What is the local broadcast channel option?

A local broadcast channel option is available in a limited offering at a reduced price (subtract $40 per month from Gigabit + TV package). It includes the channels listed in Local section of the channels list, plus C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2, C-SPAN 3, NASA, and QVC (note: not all add-on video packages are available with this option). To request this option or obtain additional information, please contact customer support.

What is the maximum number of TVs I can connect?

Currently we support up to 6 TV Boxes.

Will Google Fiber have Video On Demand and other paid video content?

Yes. Google Fiber will offer a wide range of Video on Demand content from a variety of sources. You can also access Vudu and Netflix directly on the TV box through the built-in player.* * Viewing Netflix content requires a Netflix unlimited streaming membership. Viewing VUDU content requires a VUDU account; visit vudu.com for more information.

Will Google Fiber work with my existing TV or other devices?

Google Fiber was built to support leading industry standards and should work with devices you have today. If you experience a problem, just let us know.

Will I be able to use Wi-Fi with Google Fiber?

Yes. Both our Network Box and our TV Box include advanced Wi-Fi, designed to give you access to Google Fiber throughout your home.

Will my Wi-Fi connection be as fast as a wired connection?

No. Wi-Fi is slower than wired connections. However, the Wi-Fi technology in our Google Fiber Network Box will provide for great connectivity.

When does the sign-up period for my fiberhood open?

To check your fiberhood’s status and sign-up period dates, visit our fiberhoods page and enter your address.

How many sign-ups does my fiberhood need to meet its goal?

You can see your fiberhood’s progress by visiting our fiberhoods pages.

How did you determine the sign-up goals each fiberhood needs to qualify?

All fiberhoods are different. They range in size, number of households, and density as well as speed and ease of Google Fiber construction. For example, houses that are spread out (like in the suburbs) require more time, fiber and labor, and therefore can be more difficult to connect than homes in a denser environment. So, in those fiberhoods that are more complicated to build, we wanted to make sure that enough residents want Fiber service. We looked at all of these factors when setting a sign-up goal for a particular fiberhood.

How can I help get more people to sign up in my fiberhood?

Thanks for your interest. Visit google.com/fiber/austin/how to indicate your interest in receiving materials announcing that Fiber is in Austin.

If my fiberhood qualifies, when will I get installed?

Our goal is to bring customers Google Fiber service as quickly as possible. There are a lot of things which impact this timing including how many people sign up, what the weather is like this year, and when we can start construction in apartments. Once the sign-up period has ended, we’ll let you know if your fiberhood met its goal, and what to expect next, including a more specific estimate on timing. When it's time to connect your home, we’ll email you as soon as we’re ready to schedule your installation appointment.

When does the sign-up period for my fiberhood end?

To check your fiberhood’s status and sign-up period dates, visit our fiberhoods page and enter your address.

Once the sign-up period ends, which fiberhoods will get Fiber first?

After the sign-up period has ended, the Google Fiber team will determine the build order for qualified fiberhoods. Our goal is to create an order that will bring service to all of our customers as efficiently and quickly as possible.

What happens if I miss the sign-up deadline?

We’re currently focused on installing all customers who chose their plan before the deadline, and we can’t commit to returning to fiberhoods at this time. If you recently moved in or missed the sign-up deadline for your fiberhood, please sign up for email notifications on google.com/fiber/austin so we can keep you informed on future developments in your fiberhood.

When do I choose a Google Fiber service plan?

When you sign up, you will select your service plan. Visit our plans and pricing page for more information on each plan.

I’ve already chosen a plan, but I’d like to change the plan I selected. How do I do that?

No problem. Just go back to google.com/fiber, sign in again, and choose a different plan.

Will I be able to change my service package at any time?

Yes, you can change your service plan at any time. Log in to My Fiber with your Google Account, and choose a new plan selection.

My address is not found on your website. What should I do?

Please double check to make sure you’ve entered the right street name, apartment number and ZIP code. If you still cannot find it you can submit a request to have your address reviewed by our team through the website or else give us a call at (866) 777-7550.

I really want Google Fiber, but I am currently in another contract. What should I do?

If you don’t want to cancel your existing contract right now but you still want Google Fiber, we recommend that you sign up for our Basic Internet plan. With the Basic Internet plan, you get today's basic broadband speeds (up to 5 Mbps download) for up to 7 years with no monthly service fees. All you need to pay is a construction fee to bring a fiber connection to your home. You can choose between a one-time payment of $300 or 12 monthly payments of $25 + taxes. This way, you’ll secure your fiber connection and you can upgrade to a Gigabit Internet plan at any time.

I paid a deposit. What happens to it if my fiberhood doesn’t meet its sign-up goal?

If you sign up and your fiberhood doesn’t meet its goal, we’ll cancel your registration and refund your $10 deposit to the original form of payment.

What happens to my deposit if I cancel my sign-up?

A deposit of ten dollars ($10) is required to sign-up for Services. Service deposits are non-refundable except in certain circumstances. Please see the Pricing and Fee schedule

I already have Google Fiber installed. How do I cancel?

To cancel, please contact customer support by email, chat or phone. You can reach us by phone at (866) 777-7550.

Why do you have to do so much construction in the first place?

Google Fiber is building an entirely new network to bring high-speed Internet and crystal-clear television to your community. Because we are a new provider, we have to install brand new, state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure. To learn more about what it takes to build this network, check out our behind-the-scenes blog post here.

How long will you be constructing in my neighborhood/city?

We tend to build on a staggered schedule, but you may notice we’re in several neighborhoods at one time. We hope to have construction completed in each neighborhood within a couple of months, but sometimes that timeline has to be a bit longer due to unforeseen issues (weather, access, equipment issues, etc.).

I didn’t sign up for Fiber - why are you on/near my property?

In order to bring Google Fiber to a new city, a whole lot of heavy lifting has to happen. Our carefully-crafted design plans require infrastructure to be built in the entire community, which sometimes requires us to access rights of way or easements that could fall next to or across your property.

What are easements and rights of way?

Easements and rights of way are certain rights to access and use public and private property. Some state and local laws authorize utilities and other service providers, like Google Fiber, to use rights of way and easements.

My yard is torn up after you constructed in my area - when will you fix it?

We know that construction can sometimes look very messy, but chances are our crews haven’t yet finished building in your neighborhood. Once we complete construction for your entire neighborhood, our crews will come back through to restore your property. If construction work has been completed in your area and you notice that your property has yet to be restored, please give our construction inquiry line a call at 877-454-6959.

Why are you in my yard without my permission?

A lot of the network we build is placed within areas called easements or rights of way, which are often adjacent to or across private property. We work with the appropriate local authorities to obtain the rights to utilize these locations, just like other service providers (such as water and electric).

Will you move my flowers/potted plants/etc before you build in my yard?

Unfortunately, we are unable to move or to care for plants that are in an area where we need to build. Before we come into your neighborhood to build our network, however, we will be sure to leave door hangers so that you have time to move your plants into a safe spot.

Do you notify me before coming onto my property?

Yes! We will leave door hangers before coming to do construction in your neighborhood. Those door hangers also include our contact information should you have any questions or concerns during the construction process.

Do you guys construct on weekends?

Building a network is a lot of work, so you may see or hear us working on weekends. Different ordinances and permitting requirements apply to different neighborhoods, so our ability to work in some areas on weekends is based on those regulations.

I think my water/power went out because of work you guys did! What can I do?

If you haven't done so already, you should contact your power/water provider first to make sure your outage is addressed quickly. Please also give our construction support team a call at 877-454-6959.

How can I talk to someone about issues related to the construction process?

If you have any concerns whatsoever during the construction process, feel free to reach out to our construction support team at 877-454-6959.

What happens after I sign up, the deadline passes and my fiberhood qualifies?

  1. We install Google Fiber on the outside of your home. As we move along our planned route in your area, Google Fiber certified installers will be bringing fiber cables from the street or an easement to the exterior of each Google Fiber home. We do not make appointments for this part of the installation. When we arrive at your home, we will knock on your door or ring your doorbell to let you know we are working on your property. If you are not at home, we will still install the fiber drop. The fiber drop consists of a fiber cable that connects the fiber cables at the street or easement to a small box called the Network Interface Unit (NIU). We attach the NIU to the side of your house, typically next to your existing utilities. If there are utility poles where you live, we will follow the existing electrical drop path and bring fiber from the pole to the NIU. If existing utilities are underground on your property, we will bury the fiber cable underground by digging a trench through your yard from the connector at the street to the NIU.
  2. We contact you to schedule an in-home installation. Depending on the route, you might have a fiber drop on the exterior of your home quite a while before we contact you to schedule your in-home installation. No need to worry. We will contact you and ask you to schedule your installation appointment as soon as we are ready to do the inside installation. (See Schedule your installation for details about how to schedule your appointment online.) You can learn more about how you can prepare for your inside installation in Prepare for installation.
  3. We install Google Fiber inside your home. On installation day, your Installation Specialist will arrive right at the start of your appointment. For example, if your appointment is from 1pm to 5pm, the Installation Specialist will arrive at 1pm and will strive to complete the installation no later than 5pm. It all depends on how many TVs you have and the ease or difficulty involved with your inside wiring. The Installation Specialist will install a Fiber Jack inside your home and then will connect the fiber from the NIU to the Fiber Jack through the wall. Then the Installation Specialist will install the other devices that come with your Google Fiber service plan, show you how to use them, and make sure everything is working smoothly. As soon as the inside installation is done, you can start enjoying Google Fiber!

When will I get service?

When you get service depends on where you live. We can’t install Fiber for everyone all at once, so we’re making our way through the city in a way that allows us to get Fiber to everyone as quickly as possible. There are a lot of things which impact this timing including how many people sign up, what the weather is like this year, and when we can start construction in apartments. We can’t give you an estimate right now for your particular address. However, when it's time to schedule your in-home installation, we’ll email you to set up an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

How do I schedule my installation?

If you're signed up and your fiberhood qualifies, we'll contact you 2-3 weeks before we are ready to install Fiber in your home.

What will happen during installation? What will the wiring and equipment look like?

Our installers will go over all the details with you when they arrive to make sure you’re comfortable with exactly what is being installed and where it is going, but here’s a basic overview for now: - At first, the majority of our work in your fiberhood will be outside, getting Google Fiber ready to bring to homes. We’ll be stringing Fiber on utility poles, and, in some cases, installing it in the ground. - Next, we’ll bring our Fiber connection from the street or easement to the exterior of your house. This will happen before your scheduled installation appointment. Before we go to the exterior of your house, we will knock on your door to let you know. Once Fiber is connected to the exterior of your house, we’ll contact you to schedule your installation. - On your installation day the first thing we’ll do is drill a small hole in an exterior wall to bring the fiber inside. Then, we’ll cover the hole with a mounted wall plate and Fiber Jack on the interior wall. The Fiber Jack, which is about the size of a deck of cards, will convert the fiber into a gigabit Ethernet connection, which will then connect to your Network Box. The Network Box is your Google Fiber router, enabling wired and wireless connectivity to all devices throughout your house. If you are a Gigabit + TV customer, we will connect a Network+ box, which enables wired and wireless connectivity to all devices throughout your house and also lets you record all of your favorite TV shows and movies from live TV. - Our installer will be happy to help you figure out device placement. - If you are a Gigabit + TV customer, the final installation step will include installing each of the TV Boxes you’ve ordered.

Which devices will be installed with Google Fiber? What is included and what is additional?

Google Fiber Gigabit Internet and Basic Internet service plans will include: - A Fiber Jack, which will bring the fiber connection into your home - A Network Box, which will provide wired and wireless connectivity to devices throughout your home

The Gigabit + TV service includes: - A Network+ Box, which will provide wired and wireless connectivity to devices throughout your home and also lets you record all of your favorite TV shows and movies from live TV - A TV Box, which connects your TV to Google Fiber service and includes a traditional remote control. The first TV box is included and you can rent additional TV boxes for $5/mo each (currently limited to 6 total TV boxes).

Visit our plans and pricing page for more information on each plan.

Can I build my own Google Fiber connection?

No, not at this time.

If I need to change my appointment time, what do I do?

If your appointment is 2 days or more away, you can change your appointment online by signing into your My Fiber account. If your appointment is within the next 2 days, please give us a call at (866) 777-7550, and we can help you reschedule.

What is a Google Account and why do I need one?

A Google Account lets you access a variety of Google products such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube and Google Fiber. A Google Account helps you have a richer, more personalized experience across Google products. If you have a Gmail email address, you already have a Google account, and you can sign in at google.com/fiber. If you don't have a Google Account, you will need one before you can sign up for Google Fiber.

Will you provide an email address along with service to replace my current ISP-provided email address?

Sure! You can sign up for Gmail, Google’s free email service. Anyone—not just Google Fiber customers—can sign up for Gmail. Here is more information about Gmail, including simple steps on how to switch. If you would like for your new Gmail address to be the email address you use to sign in for Google Fiber, please follow the directions here to add that email to your Google Account. However, you do not have to use Gmail with your Fiber service.

How do I sign in to My Fiber to manage my account?

Visit My Fiber and sign in with the email address and password associated with your Google Fiber account.

I registered with one Google Account, but I would like to use another. Help!

Please contact us and we’ll help you out.

How do I change my plan?

Log in to My Fiber at any time to change your plan. You can change your plan by clicking on the Account tab and then selecting Change plan underneath your current service plan. To add or remove TV boxes, click on the Add or Remove TV boxes link. To update your channel packages, click on the Add or remove TV packages link.

How and when will I be billed?

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive your monthly Google Fiber bill in your email inbox. Ten days later, your credit card or debit card (depending on which payment method you’ve selected) will be automatically charged for the next month’s service.

What payment options do I have?

You can use a credit or debit card to pay for your Google Fiber bill. In addition to regular credit cards, we accept debit cards and prepaid debit cards with a Visa®, AmEx®, Discover®, or MasterCard® logo. We do not currently accept cash, automatic bank withdrawal or checks.

Will I receive a paper bill?

No. We will email you an electronic copy of your bill at the beginning of each month.

Will the monthly charges be billed to the credit card I used to sign up?

We have the credit card on file that you used to sign up and will bill that credit card by default. You may update or change the payment card at any time in your My Fiber account.

How much will my total bill be?

This depends on which Google Fiber package you choose. Here is an overview of all of our plans and pricing. When you sign-up for your plan, you’ll be able to see a full summary of your costs. These plans are subject to taxes and fees, which will vary based on your state and county.

Why is there a construction fee?

The construction fee will help cover the cost of labor and materials used to bring Fiber to your home and provide an internet connection. We will waive this fee for Gigabit Internet and TV customers since they will already be paying a monthly service fee, as long as the customer keeps one of these services for at least 1 year. Customers who choose our Basic Internet package will pay the construction fee, either in one lump sum or over 12 months, but will not have any monthly service fee.

How much are the applicable taxes & fees?

The applicable taxes are dependent on your local and state sales tax and the Fiber service plan and additional packages you select. The exact amount will be listed on your monthly bill and is available for you to view at any time in your My Fiber account.

What happens if my debit card does not have enough funds?

You will receive an email indicating your payment was declined. Your account will become delinquent, and your service may be suspended if you do not pay your outstanding balance within 40 days.

Will you suspend my service if I don't pay?

Your service may be suspended if you do not pay your outstanding balance within 40 days.

Should I use an existing Google Account to sign up for Google Fiber, or create a new Google Account?

You are in complete control and should make this decision based on what you think is best for you and your household. If you’d prefer not to have Fiber usage impact your existing Google Account, you might consider creating a new Google Account to use for Google Fiber. If you create a new Google Account to use Fiber, it will remain separate from your other Google Accounts—Google does not link your Google Accounts in any way, and Google will not combine or share information between your Google Accounts, unless you choose to. Our goal is simple—to enable you to decide what information we use to make your Google experience even better and more useful for you. Please contact us if you signed up for Google Fiber using a Google Account which you would now like to change.

Can I run a server from my home?

Our Terms of Service prohibit running a server for commercial purposes. However, personal, non-commercial usage of servers that complies with our Acceptable Use Policy is acceptable, including using virtual private networks (VPN) to access services in your home, and using hardware or applications that include server capabilities for uses like multi-player gaming, video-conferencing, and home security.

What information does Google Fiber collect from me when I sign up for Google Fiber?

Google Fiber will collect the personal and account information you provide when you sign up for Google Fiber. You will have easy access to the personal details you provide, such as your street address, which can be seen on our website at google.com/fiber. You can read more about the information Google Fiber may collect from users or from the use of Google Fiber services, in the Google Fiber Privacy Notice and Google Privacy Policy.

Will information about what happens over my Google Fiber Internet connection be associated with my Google Account?

If you choose Google Fiber Internet as your service provider, information from Google Fiber Internet usage (such as URLs of websites visited or content of communications) will not be associated with the Google Account you use for Fiber, except with your consent or to meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request. Technical information collected from the use of Google Fiber Internet for network management, security or maintenance may be associated with the Google Account you use for Fiber, but such information associated with the Google Account you use for Fiber will not be used by other Google properties without your consent. When you use Google products (like Gmail or Search) while connected to Google Fiber Internet, your information will be treated in accordance with the applicable Privacy Policy for those products.

How can I control the personal account information I share with Google Fiber?

Once you've signed-up for Google Fiber, you will be able to see the information that you provided to sign-up—such as billing address and contact info—on your My Fiber page. Your My Fiber page will allow you to update your account preferences, review your current and recent invoices, revise your billing and payment information, change or cancel your service and manage your network settings.

Does Google Fiber share my personal information with third-parties?

Google Fiber may share non-personally identifiable information with third parties, such as content providers. This information may be used to promote Fiber, partner services and programs, or be used in other ways, such as for product or content lineup improvements. For example, Google might share aggregate viewing statistics with a content provider so they can tell how popular a particular show is. See our privacy policy for more details.

Does the Basic Internet plan with no monthly service fee for up to 7 years apply to my property?

Starting on the date of Fiber installation, every property has the opportunity to receive 7 years of Basic Internet associated with that address at no monthly fee with payment of the construction fee. You or a future owner or tenant can select Basic Internet at any point for up to7 years from the initial installation of service, subject to our terms and conditions. For example, if you sign up for service and sell your house in 3 years, regardless of the service(s) you used, the buyer will be able to receive 4 years of Basic Internet remaining, subject to subscribing and accepting our terms and conditions. The buyer can, of course, also choose to sign up for any of the service plans.

Where are the hidden costs? What’s the fine print?

We don't have any. We won’t make you call us every six months to keep the price you see on the website. You don’t need to cancel and then restart to get a better online offer. No shenanigans; just fast internet and simple service.

I am starting with the Basic Internet plan, but thinking about switching my service plan. What are the policies with the construction fee?

Once your house is connected to Google Fiber, you can switch at any time. After you switch to the Gigabit or Gigabit+TV plan, any remaining construction fee will be waived as long as you do not cancel. If you pre-paid your construction fee in full, we'll credit you the pro-rated construction fee based on the months remaining in your first year of service.

What happens if I want to cancel my Google Fiber service?

You may cancel your Google Fiber service at any time, but you may be required to pay for certain construction fees that were waived as part of the service plan you purchased. If you cancel service before you have paid the entire construction fee, you will be required to pay the outstanding construction fee balance as of the date of such cancellation. If you cancel service please leave the Fiber Jack in place and return your equipment to the Fiber Space. If your services included free or paid-for subscriptions to services other than those provided by Google Fiber (for example, Google Drive), Google Fiber will stop covering the costs of those services at the time your account is terminated or suspended. It will be up to you to work with the provider of those services to determine whether you wish to continue subscribing to those services and how you will pay for them. See the Pricing and Fee Schedule for more details. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call: (866) 777-7550.

What happens if I move after I get connected to Fiber but before my contract is up?

Once you subscribe and bring Google Fiber to your property, it stays there. So, when you move, you will have to cancel service so that the new buyer or tenant can sign up. If you want to read about cancellation, please see the question “What happens if I want to cancel my Google Fiber service?” If you move into a new home that already has Google Fiber, then just sign up again!

What if I sell my house?

You are responsible for paying your construction fee (see question regarding cancellation). Your new buyer may sign up to be a Google Fiber customer.

If I don't like the service, will my construction fee be refunded?

The construction fee covers laying fiber to your home. Once your house is connected to Fiber, your construction fee is non-refundable.

Do I own this equipment? Do I need to return it if I cancel service?

Google Fiber owns the equipment provided by Google Fiber. If you cancel service please leave the Fiber Jack in place and return your equipment to the Fiber Space. See the Pricing and Fee Schedule for more details. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call: (866) 777-7550.

How long will you support the equipment provided by Google Fiber? What should I do if it breaks?

If you have any problems with your equipment, please contact us. Google Fiber will support the equipment needed to provide the service as long as you keep the service. If you lose or damage one of these devices, you can order a new one at the replacement price, shown in the Pricing and Fee Schedule.

Do you have an option for people who own and rent out a residential property (apartments, single-family home, townhomes)?

Learn more about Google Fiber for Property Managers here.

What is an MDU?

Google Fiber classifies an MDU (multi dwelling unit) as a property complex with 9 or more units.

I have a landlord, how does the sign-up process work for me?

If required, your landlord or property manager will need to sign a contract with Google Fiber before you can sign up for service. We typically need a contract with property managers of buildings with multiple units. For smaller properties, property managers may need to sign a shorter agreement giving Google Fiber access to the building. You can help by encouraging them to bring Google Fiber to your location.

Do apartment sign-ups count towards my fiberhood’s sign-up goal?

We typically need a contract with property managers. Once your property manager or HOA signs a contract, individual sign ups by tenants will count towards your fiberhood's sign-up goal.

How do I know when my landlord or property manager signs an agreement?

Once your building is under contract and we have wired your building for Google Fiber, we will reach out to you and let you know the next steps to getting Google Fiber.

My landlord already signed my property up for Fiber and my fiberhood has met its sign-up goal. Do I need to do anything?

Yes! Even though a Fiber jack will be installed into your unit, you still have to choose your plan to activate your connection and become a Google Fiber subscriber. This means selecting a plan - Basic Internet, Gigabit Internet, or Gigabit + TV - and agreeing to the terms and conditions of Google Fiber's Service.

The Fiber website says my landlord needs to contact you, but my landlord already signed a contract. What should I do?

It takes a few days for access agreements to be processed and reflected on our website. Please check back in a few days.

My landlord has signed an agreement with Google Fiber. Is there a deadline I must sign up by?

After your landlord or property manager has signed an agreement with Google Fiber, you may sign up at any point. Once your fiberhood has qualified, we will wire your building and unit, even if you do not sign up with Google Fiber.

My landlord signed a contract and I signed up! When do I get service?

Your fiberhood needs to qualify and we need to wire your building first. We will communicate throughout the building process and let you know when we anticipate wiring your unit. Once the building construction is done, we’ll reach out to you via email to schedule your service installation.

What’s the process for setting up Google Fiber for my apartment building? Do you come into my unit?

We will need access to your unit in two separate instances: first for the building installation, and again to bring service to your unit if you sign up for Google Fiber. Additionally, we may access some units for a site survey. For the building installation, construction in your unit will take around 2 - 4 hours. Each unit is different, though, so construction time may vary. Your property manager will let us in using the original keys to your unit. If there’s anything else needed to provide us with direct access, let your property manager know. We will notify you in advance of accessing your unit -- during the construction process, we’ll leave two door hangers advising you of the date and time we will be accessing your unit for this portion of the installation. When bringing service to your unit, the typical install time ranges from 1-4 hours. We need the adult with access to your Fiber account to be at home for the service install. We’ll be consulting you on placement of equipment. There are a few parts of installation which include logging into your account. We will contact you via email when it’s time to set up your service installation appointment.

I am the property owner for an MDU in a qualified fiberhood. How do I bring Google Fiber to our building?

Thanks for your interest. We’d love to talk with you about bringing Google Fiber to your building. Please contact us and we can give you more details about the agreement that we would need in place to bring Google Fiber to your building.

Do I need a new agreement with Google Fiber for my MDU?

Yes. You will need to sign a Google Fiber Access Agreement to bring Google Fiber to your property.

If my tenants didn’t sign up for Fiber service, will they be able to get another service provider for their unit?

Yes. Tenants are free to select any service provider available in the building.

I am renting a single family home. You mention I needed permission from my landlord to get Fiber. What should I do?

If you rent a single family home, it is your responsibility to get permission from your landlord. When you sign the terms of service for Google Fiber, you will be asked to confirm that the property owner has authorized service for your address. Get started by signing up for Fiber.

Where can I find more information about Community Connections?

If you manage a Community Connection site, or are interested in learning more about Google Fiber’s Community Connections program, we’ve got a page just for you. Learn more

How does each city select which sites receive free Google Fiber connections?

The city of Austin has selected 100 community organizations — to receive a gigabit connection at no cost if their fiberhood qualifies for Google Fiber service. As Austinites start signing up for Google Fiber, they’re also helping these local community organizations get one step closer to getting Fiber. Once we launch in your fiberhood, you can see local Community Connections on your fiberhood map.

My site is an approved Community Connections non-profit or public site. How do I get in contact with a Google representative?

Please get in touch with us here.

Does Google Fiber have a small business product?

We recently started offering an Early Access program for small businesses in select areas.

What is Google Fiber offering?

Google Fiber is offering an Internet connection speed that’s up to 1,000 megabits per second.

What is a gigabit?

One gigabit per second (Gbps) is a 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) connection.

Why do I need Google Fiber? How will I notice the difference?

Google Fiber makes everything you already do online up to faster. No more endless buffering.

Google Fiber will also revolutionize the web in new ways. Imagine chatting with your clients and colleagues via HD video conference, or collaborating on a work project with contributors across the globe in real time, without delays.

Google Fiber is the Internet experience of the future.

How many devices can be connected through Fiber?

If you’re using your Network Box as a router, you can connect up to 128 devices on wired connections and up to 20 devices on your wireless network. If you are you using your own router, the number of devices that you can use will vary.

Why is Google Fiber right for my business?

With speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, Google Fiber brings super fast Internet to your business. This means instant uploads and downloads, HD video conferencing and quick access to the cloud. This allows you to spend less time waiting and more time growing your business.

What is the Early Access program?

Google Fiber for Small Business is new. We’re launching the Early Access program to allow select businesses to be among the first to get Google Fiber for Small Business. During Early Access, pricing is guaranteed for one year. The construction fee is waived and you can cancel at any time. While not every business will be eligible at this time, we plan to expand the program as we learn and grow. Learn more at google.com/fiber/smallbusiness.

Is my business eligible for the Early Access program?

Check to see if your business qualifies by entering your address at google.com/fiber/smallbusiness. Signing up for the Early Access program doesn’t guarantee service to your business. A site survey will determine the feasibility of bringing Fiber to your location. Once the site survey is passed, we’ll schedule a time for installation.

How much does it cost to be part of the Google Fiber Early Access program?

There’s a $10 deposit to sign up for Google Fiber. This deposit will be credited back to your account on your first bill. For one year from your date of installation, Fiber will be $100/month. For more billing details, please check out the Billing section of the FAQ. Prices don’t include additional taxes.

My address is not eligible. When will Google Fiber be available for my business?

We’re just getting started, so the Early Access program is limited right now. We plan to expand as we learn and grow. We’re keeping track of areas with high interest — you can indicate your interest by signing up for email notifications after you check your address.

My business is eligible. What happens next?

The process for getting Google Fiber for your small business is different depending on whether your business is in a single business unit or a multi-tenant unit. For additional details for your business type, please visit our Help Center.

What if I need to cancel?

Although we would hate to see you go, you can cancel your Google Fiber service at any time by giving us a call at (855) 418-8326. You will need to return your equipment to your local Service Center. There are no cancellation fees during the Early Access program.

What payment options do I have?

You can use a credit or debit card to pay for your Google Fiber bill. In addition to regular credit cards, we accept debit cards and prepaid debit cards with a Visa®, AmEx®, Discover®, or MasterCard® logo. We do not currently accept cash, automatic bank withdrawal or checks.

Can I create a Google Wallet account for my business?

Google Wallet does not allow you to create an account under the name of your business. Both your Wallet and Google Fiber accounts will need to be associated with one person, who will be individually accepting our terms of service. Your Google Fiber monthly bill will be sent to the individual who signed up, and the associated credit or debit card should be in that person’s name.

How and when will I be billed?

You will receive an electronic invoice at the beginning of each month and you will be automatically billed 10 days later using the payment method in your account.

Will the terabyte of Cloud Storage be available with the SMB product?

Google Fiber for Small Business does not include cloud storage at this time.

Can I use my own router?

Yes. If you’re using your own router, please make sure that it fits these recommended specifications. Please note that the Google Fiber support team will not be able to support routers manufactured by third parties.

If you choose to add 5 static IPs to your service, you must use your own router. If you choose to add one or no static IPs, you can also use your own router, but we will provide you with a Google Fiber Network Box that can serve as your router. For more information, please visit our Help Center.

Can I set up a guest or public Wi-Fi network?

Yes, as long as it follows our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. Google Fiber doesn't include a built-in feature for creating a guest network. This article in our Help Center will give you more information.

What are static IP addresses?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number assigned to every device on a network. Just as a street address determines where a letter should be delivered, an IP address identifies computers on the Internet. Network devices such as webservers use this address to send the information you requested back to your device. In the case of static IPs if your machine is a webserver the static IP is what identifies it to the rest of the internet. A device can have a static IP address, which means it stays the same over time, or a dynamic IP address, which means the address can change over time.

How many static IP addresses can I have?

When you sign up for Google Fiber for Small Business, you can choose to have no static IP addresses (that is, dynamic IPs), 1 static IP, or 5 static IP addresses. If you sign up for 1 or 5 static IP addresses, your confirmation email will include the IP addresses assigned to your account. To figure out what type of IP address is best for your business and how many you need, take a look at this article on our Help Center.

Are there taxes or fees associated specifically with the Static IP address add on options? Or do the fees pertain only to the Gigabit product?

Static IPs have the following fees associated with them: • 1 static IP - $20/month: includes an IPv4 address and a /56 IPv6 subnet • 5 static IP - $30/month: includes a /29 IPv4 subnet and a /56 IPv6 subnet There are may also be additional taxes associated with Static IPs depending on your location.

You have completed the site survey at my business. When am I going to get installed?

We’re working as quickly as possible to bring Google Fiber to your business. We’re still evaluating the results of the site survey but we don’t yet have a specific timeframe for your installation.

If my business is not ready to begin using the Google Fiber service immediately, can I delay installation?

Yes, you may wait to select an installation appointment, in which case we will notify you when more appointments are available on later dates. However, Google Fiber may terminate your service if there are excessive delays in scheduling installation.

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