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Introducing the updated Fiber TV App

With so much great entertainment to watch this winter, we don’t want you to miss a thing. Which is why we’ve updated the Fiber TV App to help you find and enjoy all the entertainment you love.

The Fiber TV App already lets you watch some of your favorite TV channels live or On Demand. Plus you can use it to control your TV from your mobile device. With today’s update you can now play and record your favorite TV shows, sports, and movies with one tap. Here’s more of what you can do with the updated Fiber TV App.

  1. Catch up on your favorite shows. You’ll now find the next episodes from your favorite shows waiting for you as soon as you open the Fiber TV app. With one tap you can begin watching.
  2. Don’t miss the game. See what sports are happening right now, or are scheduled for later, then record them to your DVR with one tap. And you can set up your recordings no matter where you are, even when you’re out with friends.
  3. Find recommendations for what to watch. View personalized recommendations for live TV. That means you’ll know to check out that Fresh Prince of Bel Air marathon or a new show you might enjoy, like Designated Survivor .
  4. Get to your recordings quickly. The app now recommends recordings on your DVR to watch next as soon as you open it, so you can save time getting to the entertainment you love.

We hope today’s updates make it easier than ever to find, record, and watch all the entertainment you love. The Fiber TV App will be updated for all our TV subscribers in the coming weeks. You can download the app from the Play Store for Android , or App store for iPhones and iPads.

Posted by Jared Nusinoff, Product Manager, Google Fiber

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