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Twenty Missouri Fiberhoods Closing in August

Google Fiber is one step closer for folks in twenty Missouri Fiberhoods; all of the locations listed below have signup deadlines that are quickly approaching in August.
If you haven’t already, visit our website and choose your Fiber plan. If you’re not sure which plan is right for you and want to talk to a team member, drop by the Fiber Space or check our calendar on the website to see when we’re in your area with our brand new Mobile Fiber Space.
Hanover Place West -Thursday, August 15
Ward Parkway North -Thursday, August 15
Volker South -Thursday, August 15
South Hyde Park -Thursday, August 15
Ward Parkway Plaza -Thursday, August 15
Union Hill -Thursday, August 15

Columbus Park -Thursday, August 22
Business District -Thursday, August 22
Rolling Meadows -Thursday, August 22
Ward Parkway South -Thursday, August 22
Manheim Park -Thursday, August 22
Hospital Hill -Thursday, August 22
Volker North -Thursday, August 22

West Plaza North -Thursday, August 29
Western 49-63 North -Thursday, August 29
Tower Homes South -Thursday, August 29
Southmoreland South -Thursday, August 29
North Hyde Park -Thursday, August 29
Waldo Homes -Thursday, August 29
Squier Park -Thursday, August 29

Posted by Rachel Hack, Google Fiber Community Manager

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